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Senior hotel designer


1. Participate in the preliminary planning and conceptual design of the project, and provide professional opinions and suggestions from the perspective of interior design;

2. Participate in the preparation of the design assignment, and be responsible for the review and review of the design results at each stage of the commissioned design according to the company's requirements and project positioning;

3. Fully understand the project status, requirements of Party A, schedule of each stage and work content, etc., to ensure the effective implementation of the project as planned;

4. Participate in the handover of project drawings and technologies, and timely solve the problems related to drawings or technologies raised by Party A;

5. Assist the project company to solve technical problems encountered in the process of project construction or problems that do not meet the design requirements;

6. Assist in handling the relationship with Party A and maintain a good external cooperation environment;

7. Other work arranged by the company


8. Bachelor degree or above;

9, more than 5 years of work experience;

Please send your resume to:

Scenic area planning designer


1. Proficient in word, excel, ppt, CAD, PS and other drawing software.

2, with good communication skills, standard Mandarin.

3, can draw, according to Party A's "topographic map" do building planning and design, do hotel tent specifications, can travel, see the site, do ppt report plan.

4. Bachelor degree or above;

5, more than 3 years of work experience;

6. Major in urban planning or landscape design;

7, with urban planning, tourism planning, tourism planning project experience is preferred;

8. Have good logic ability and team coordination ability, can bear hardships and stand hard work.

Please send your resume to:

Project manager


1, responsible for the technical scheme design of pharmaceutical fermentation system, batching system, process materials, CIP station and other systems, provide necessary technical support, draw process system flow charts, layout drawings, axonometric maps, etc.;

2. Responsible for the preparation of technical and commercial bids for pre-sale exchange;

3. Responsible for the secondary design and procurement of materials during the project implementation, including equipment selection and design calculation, and communicated with the procurement of materials;

4, assist the procurement and equipment material manufacturers to confirm the technical parameters;

5. Review the changes proposed on site and issue the corresponding change drawings;

6. Check the design drawings of other process designers;

7, participate in and support the company's other projects within and outside the warranty period of after-sales technical support services.

Soft outfit designer

Key account manager



We media operations manager

Copywriting planning

Account manager

Regional manager

Sales manager