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—— About babery ——

We are a Chinese company with nearly 20 years of rich experience in tent manufacturing. We always adhere to the concept of green and sustainable development in designing and producing tent .

We explore the application of solid wood structures, steel structures, and aluminum alloy structures in tent structures. We also explore the application of canvas crafts, polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), and other environmentally friendly materials in tents.

We are full of confidence and professionalism in manufacturing the highest quality tents in the market, and we are extremely proud of constantly innovating and improving our craftsmanship and quality.

We choose the highest quality materials to make the quality of the tent more outstanding. Good materials are one of the key factors affecting the quality of the tent. Baberytent has become the "preferred" company for high-quality tents.

We love the work we do! Some people may think that we are just doing something meaningful, but its significance goes far beyond that. We work not only out of our love for tent manufacturing and design, but also because of our yearning and pursuit for a better life, as well as our respect and responsibility for resource conservation. For many years, this responsibility has been inspiring our team to constantly move towards higher and stronger goals.

We have always been proud to create and provide warm and comfortable tent products for our customers, and we firmly believe in the power of love; We are responsible for the products we love and focus on a sustainable future;

Our motto: responsibility, passion, mission.

—— About Tentinns ——

Baberytent (Beijing) International Building Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 and is a high-tech enterprise in Beijing. In 2011, in response to the development of the Chinese cultural and tourism market, Baberry founded the "Tentinns" brand. Tentinns brand is a unique brand in China that designs, researches, manufactures, and operates the entire industry chain of hotel tents, luxury camping tents, and mobile commerce. We can design, develop, produce, and install unique tent hotels and luxury camping sites based on the characteristics of different scenic spots, environments, and climates.

Our core team consists of designers, production and research personnel, senior engineering and technical personnel, and operation teams who have been engaged in tent industry research for nearly 20 years. We have advanced domestic prefabricated tent structure design and production manufacturing concepts, and focus on producing the most influential high-end tent products.


Baberytent Beijing International Building Technology Co., Ltd.) is the source tent factory in China. With nearly 20 years of experience in tent production and manufacturing, our products are applied in industries such as tourism and vacation, cultural and sports, aircraft hangars, sports events, and product customization. The company is headquartered in Beijing, with a wholly-owned factory located in Baoding, Hebei. It covers an area of over 20000 square meters and has established branches in Zhejiang, Qinghai, and Qingdao.


Baberytent has the  No.1 camping site located in Chaoyang Park on the Fourth Ring Road in Beijing and the Beijing International Flower Port Twelve Constellations Tent Hotel Product Exhibition Center.


Baberytent project product cases of Baberytenttent include: Anadu Tent Hotel in Moganshan, Huzhou, Zhejiang, Xingkong Tent Camp in Hailongtun, Zunyi, Guizhou, Amigonghong Pasture Tent Hotel in Gannan, Xizang Grand Canyon Tent Hotel, Beijing International Flower Port Twelve Constellations Tent Hotel, Fuping Yunhuaxi Valley Tent Hotel in Hebei, Aolunda Zhangjiakou Five color Sky Road Tent Hotel, Anshan Mori Shangri La Resort Hotel, Hubei Yishui Five star Tent Campground, Chongqing Cold tent Hotel, Chongqing Qijiang Huaba Tent Hotel, Songhua River Jingyu County Edelweiss Dudao Tent Camp, etc.


The product cases of Baberytent's camping site project include: Beijing Chaoyang Park Baberytenttent No.1 Campsite, Yunnan Lugu Lake Mosuo Tribe Immortal Travel Starry Sky Tent Campsite, Qinghai Jianzha Yunbian Strolling Cliff Resort Camping Park, Hebei Shijiazhuang Yuanshi Banquet Tent Campsite, Hebei Handan Wahuang Palace Tent Campsite, Chengde Saihanba Tent Hotel, etc.


The mobile commercial space product cases of Baberytent include: Vanke Changbai Mountain Ski Resort Tent Cafe, Vanke Changbai Mountain Ski Classroom, Hebei Qinhuangdao Anaya Reception Center, Orenda Beijing Yanqing Haituo Valley Reception Center/Restaurant/Children's Library, Orenda Hebei Zhanhai Wuse Tianlu Reception Center/Restaurant/Trampoline Hall, Huada Gene Agriculture Exhibition Hall, Guanlan Villa Hebei Reception Center, and so on

Baberytenttent has currently served over 100 projects nationwide, with output products including tent hotels, tent reception centers, tent restaurants, tent libraries, tent sports centers, tent children's centers, tent cycling clubs, tent logistics buildings, tent offices, and other products. The product unit area ranges from 9 square meters to thousands of square meters.

Baberytenttent's partners include: China National Travel Service, China Youth Travel Service, Vanke, Wanda, Anaya, Anadu, Beijing Shunlv, Hubei E-tourism Investment, China Railway, China Construction Third Bureau Gannan Xiahe County Government, Qinghai Jianzha County Government, Orenda Real Estate, and Guang'an Real Estate.

The company specializes in customized luxury hotel tents, wind resistant grade 8 long investment return tent products, luxury camping tents, transparent spherical tents, car camping tents, tent hotels, hotel tent manufacturers, tent hotel manufacturers, starry sky tents, hotel tents, scenic area tents, internet famous tents, circular tents, homestay tents, spherical tents, hotel tents, tent rooms, scenic area tents, etc. The product is popular in Zhejiang, Guizhou, Sichuan, Yunnan and other places.

—— Culture and responsibility ——

The concept of environmental protection first forever, design and manufacture good products that protect nature and embrace nature

The wish of the Baberytent: do not let the product leave regret, do not let the customer leave regret, do not let the tent home leave regret.

No safety hazards! "Safety and quality" is always the mission of Baberytent. The product life of the hotel tent is more than 10 years, giving priority to the destruction of the natural environment such as wind resistance, water pressure resistance, snow pressure resistance, do not rough process! Rough workmanship can cut the dialogue between people and tent construction.

Don't cut corners! Baberytent actively explores the use of "fabrics close to the soul" and "achievable craftsmanship" to achieve the appeal of "exquisite tent architecture".

Don't settle! Baberytent hopes to reconcile the contradiction between construction speed and exquisite craftsmanship through our unremitting efforts to build a Chinese boutique hotel tent cluster.

Don't cry with imagination! The rapid construction of tent hotel camps in China inevitably leads to simplification and extensive construction, and poor workmanship will cut off the dialogue between people and hotel buildings, so that the imagination of users will be ruthlessly crushed.

Don't beat the head system! The unique "multiple groups of four will finalize" system ensures the refinement of all the hotel tent buildings produced by the Baberytent.

—— Research and service ——

"Our Research"

Baberytent focuses on the innovative design and manufacturing of tents and mobile buildings through challenging technological innovation, constantly expound the understanding of "movable assembly products", and create a cultural ecosystem of tent elements from a new perspective of life aesthetics, with more than 50 mature products.

Nearly 20 years of persistence, the Baberytent family has been walking on the road of persistence.

In this Baberytent would like to share with you - the peace of mind brought by the obsession of not leaving regrets, the joy brought by innovation, and the satisfaction after winning a recognition.

"Our Services"

R&d, design and manufacture of tent construction/hotel tent/light luxury camping tent.

Tent ecological project feasibility study project and product planning and ecological operation optimization.

"Our Philosophy"

Baberytent believe that tents can solve part of the construction problem.

Baberytent advocates environmental protection, original ecology, original, revelatory tent ecology and lifestyle to the public.

Baberytent is opposed to popular, industrial, commercial and mediocrity, we create and create a tent culture with artistic conception, meaning and beauty.

—— Honor and qualification ——



—— Baberytent Vision ——

We are the Baberytent family:

We love what we do! Some people may think that we are just doing a fun business, but it means much more than that. We work not only out of the love of tent architecture and design, but also because we have the love and feelings for the beauty of nature, but also the awe and motivation for ecological protection. Over the years, this dynamic has led our team to pursue higher and more ambitious goals.

To help China's tourism development and realize the dream of a more beautiful China;

Baberytent, creating a unique accommodation and space experience for those who love to travel;

We believe in the power of team and unity; We take responsibility for our products and focus on a sustainable future.

We value innovation, never stop learning, and are willing to seek like-minded people to discover and create beauty together.

Baberytent, create ecological beauty!